Plan that unforgettable party or event at Humble Ninja Fitness!   Party Pricing Whats included: Up to 15 children, 60-minutes course play time, 30-minutes dedicated party room time and a personal party host to make your event unforgettable! $275 ($12 each additional child, maximum of 30 children) Humble Ninja Fitness Party information: Parties are $275…


Classes at Humble Ninja Fitness will focus on improving health and fitness through natural movement.  Our classes will improve strength and mobility throughout the entire structure of the body.  They will have fun while learning about the different obstacles on our course and the body control that is required to overcome these challenges.  The classes…


Take a look around Humble Ninja Fitness before your next visit.  We have multiple obstacle courses, one is for kids 3-14 years and our adult structure is geared for those that are 15+.

We are permanently closed as of August 8, 2020.  Thank you for your support.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment or have any questions,

Please email