Classes at Humble Ninja Fitness will focus on improving health and fitness through natural movement.  Our classes will improve strength and mobility throughout the entire structure of the body.  They will have fun while learning about the different obstacles on our course and the body control that is required to overcome these challenges.  The classes will be limited to 6 to 8 students per coach to ensure they receive adequate personal attention.  Our goal is to teach and encourage a healthy lifestyle through movement while helping each student unlock their physical potential.  We hope to create a community at Humble Ninja Fitness where each person will be strengthened by those around them.

Our classes are 55 minutes and are divided up based on age & ability(depending on class enrollment): 
Currently, boys and girls will be combined in the same classes.

This is the schedule starting September 10.  The Fall session for our classes is 14-weeks and runs until the week of December 19.


Tuesday or Thursday Classes
4:00 – 4:55 PM
Ninja I

Ninja II

5:00 – 5:55 PM
Ninja I

Ninja II


6:00 – 6:55 TUESDAY only


Ninja I (ages 6+)

Ninja III (ages 10+)





 4 monthly payments of $70 per month(per child) for classes 1x per week. In addition, there is a $40 annual maintenance fee per family. (not per child) Cards are charged on the 29th of each month.
**** This includes one class per week. Holidays: Classes will not be held November 25-28 or December 23- January 5.


Missed Classes:

Because we adhere strictly to our very low student-to-teacher ratio, missed classes will not result in prorated tuition, refunds, or multiple makeup classes.  However, we will try to find a spot for you to make-up a missed class within the same calendar month. We will offer one set makeup class time per month in addition to regularly scheduled classes.

To Enroll for Classes:

Submit your information via Facebook Messenger or email

Please provide your child’s name, age, valid phone number and email address. A minimum of 3 children is required for the class to proceed.